Can’t Get To Sleep? Use These 22 Powerful Sleep Hacks To Fall Asleep Fast (In 20 Minutes Or Less)

There’s nothing worse than crawling into bed, putting your head down on that fluffy pillow and going to… oh wait, it’s 1am and you’re still awake!

You stare into the darkness, as your brain is whizzing with thoughts and think to yourself…

“Why can’t I just fall asleep!”

It happens to millions of us every night.

Before you know it, that dreaded alarm is ringing in your ear and waking you up from your restless sleep that felt like it lasted all of 10 minutes.

What if I told you, it was possible to get into bed and fall asleep in 20 minutes or less.

Would you be interested?

If you said yes, then stick with me, because I’m about to reveal some of the best “sleep hacks” followed by the ultimate sleep ritual, which will flick that tired switch in your head and have you conked out before you can even count your first sheep.

If you’re serious about getting to sleep as quickly as possible, then follow every tip you see below.

Let’s jump in.

1. Make your bedroom a SLEEP ONLY area

Woman sleeping in bed.

A lot of people use their bedroom to do more than sleep.

No, I’m not just talking about sex!

Many folks use their bed to watch films, work on their laptop, play games and even eat food (which is a huge no no).

Your bedroom and most importantly your bed, should be used for sleep and sex only.

Nothing else.

Your mind needs to associate your bedroom and bed with sleep. So when you enter the room and lay down, it knows to switch into sleep mode.

2. Create an environment that FORCES you to sleep

Photo of a bedroom.

The environment that you regularly lay your head down at night has a HUGE impact on how quickly you fall asleep and how deep your sleep actually is.

There are several things you can do to ensure that you create the perfect environment for sleeping.

Here they are…

  • Be clutter free – It’s incredible what a clean room can do for your mind. The less clutter you have in your physical living space, the less clutter you’ll have in the mind, which translates into less visual cortex interactions.
  • Use relaxing colorsStudies have shown that using the right colors can actually produce a relaxing experience, which basically makes you more sleepy.
  • Make it smell good – Bad smells can really prevent any feeling of relaxation, so keep your room smelling fresh. Scents like Bergamot or Lavender are a great way to induce a relaxing state and aid sleep.
  • Use mood lighting – Before you sleep, it’s all about relaxing your body and mind. Mood lighting that mimics the sun setting will tell your body… “it’s time for sleep!”.
  • Don’t let ANY light in – A darker room will encourage your brain to sleep as it taps into the circadian rhythm. Use either a sleep mask or blackout blinds (more on those below). You shouldn’t be able to see your hand in front of your face.
  • Room temperature is essential – Too hot and you will sweat all night. Too cold and you’ll be shivering yourself to sleep. The sweet spot is 65°F (18.3°C) as your body temperature changes based on the time of day with your circadian rhythm.
  • Plants – Having a plant in your bedroom can actually help raise moisture levels (if you’re in a dry city), give off smells that lift your mood and even purify the room from toxic chemicals improving air quality. How cool is that?

Pro Tip: Get into the habit of making your bed as soon as you wake up. It’s so satisfying to get into a bed that’s been made to look clean and comfy. This study said that 19% of people who made their bed, reported a better nights sleep.

3. Optimize your health and do things that BENEFIT sleep directly

Cup of coffee.

Sleep hacks are great and they can work. But do you know what can have the greatest impact to your sleep?

Yep, you guessed it… health.

Here are the top sleep optimizers…

  • Take supplements/aids – Sleep supplements and natural aids, excluding the over-the-counter brands that you see in the pharmacy, are great. I’d recommend you start by taking Melatonin (5mg) every night, 60 minutes before bed.
  • Drink chamomile tea – A clinical trial showed that drinking Chamomile tea can actually affect how you sleep, it can also relax you if used as part of a routine (more on that later).
  • Reduce noises/distractions – Some people can sleep right through any level of noise, which to me is like having a super power. While others (light sleepers like myself) find it next to impossible. Do what you can to reduce all noises if you’re easily woken up.
  • Slow down or quit alcohol – Drinking alcohol can actually help to put you to sleep, so that’s great. But it seriously affects your sleep quality by blocking REM sleep (the deep kind) and screwing with your circadian rhythm, so you wake up feel HORRIBLE.
  • Stop consuming caffeine early in the day – Caffeine is a stimulant that is hidden in a lot of foods you may not be aware of. Not only that, it takes between 3 and 6 hours to wear off. So no caffeine after 2pm.
  • Avoid electronic screens/blue light – As I already mentioned, light plays a huge role in your ability to drift off to sleep quickly. One of the biggest contributors to keeping you awake and tricking your brain is blue light. Turn all electronic screens off at around 8pm if possible.
  • Exercise – You knew this one was coming. Working out has massive benefits for overall sleep quality. But it also helps you fall asleep quicker, the harder you exercise. Think of it as draining your battery. Don’t work out too late though, as it actually keep you awake.
  • Use breathing exercises – A simple 757 breathing technique can help you to relax very quickly and put you in a sleepy state. Breath in for 7 seconds, hold for 5 seconds and release for 7 seconds. Repeat 5 times with your eye closed.
  • Hot bath or shower – Taking a hot shower or bath before bed can change your body’s core temperature, while relaxing you. So it essentially prepares you for bed.

Pro Tip: Keep a sleep diary – Sounds kinda childish, but it really works. Keeping a log of your sleep patterns helps to see what you’re doing on the nights where you sleep the best. Then all you need to do is… repeat it.

4. Products That Help Promote Better Sleep (Based on Science)

Woman applying oil.

So you have your sleep environment ready and your health is on point. What else can you do to get to sleep quicker?

Here are some popular products to help take you to dream land as quickly as possible…

  • Eye masks – If you can’t afford or be bothered to get blackout blinds, the next best option is a sleep mask. They block out 99% of light and they come in a variety of sizes, designs and materials.
  • Earplugs – Noise can sometimes be unavoidable. Maybe you live with a noisy roommate or you’re smack in the middle of a party town. Whatever the reason, earplugs can drown out up to 93% of noise, leaving you with nothing but silence (almost). Opt for silicone earplugs if you can.
  • Sleep oilsEssential oils can be used for massage, added to an air diffuser, dabbed on your temples or forehead and even sprayed on your pillow. Why is any of this a good idea? Because studies have proven them to be effective for sleep.
  • Headphones – Listening to [thrive_2step id=’1996′]sleep music[/thrive_2step] or a meditative sound track is one of the fastest ways to induce sleep and honestly if you do nothing else, you should be listening to this sleep track. It works wonders!
  • Apps and trackers – Using an app or sleep tracker can help you determine your sleep cycle and the sweet spot when you are most likely to fall asleep and wake up naturally.
  • Humidifiers – A dry room can cause a sore throat and a not so comfortable sleep environment, making it very hard to drift off. Humidifiers can help to maintain that moisture balance and even give of aromatic relaxing scents.

So that’s how to fall asleep fast!

If you follow a handful of the above “sleep hacks” and try one or two sleep products, I’m positive you will nod off mush faster than you normally do.

Lastly, you need to develop a sleep routine or “ritual” which you stick to every day.

Here’s one I highly recommend…

The Only Sleep Routine You Need Before Bed

How to fall asleep fast. Woman reading a book in bed.

You absolutely need to follow a sleep routine. This will prepare your brain and body for a great night’s sleep.

It can be difficult to stick to a routine, but I promise you it works AMAZINGLY well if you’re persistent with it.

  1. Right down tomorrow’s tasks (10 minutes / 8pm) – A lot of sleepless nights are actually caused by thinking about what you need to do tomorrow. Take that weight off your mind by writing down your to-do list for tomorrow.
  2. Turn off electronics (8:10pm) – Stop feeding your mind with information that may worry you or keep you thinking. Also, the blue light from electronics can trick your circadian rhythm and stop you from feeling tired.
  3. Drink some chamomile tea (8:20pm) – Known by many as the “sleep inducer” chamomile tea may help to relax you and initiate sleep.
  4. Take a hot bath or shower (8:30pm) – Bathing or showering before bed can help to relax your muscles and also adjust your body temperature to the ideal level.
  5. Stretch out the body (5 minutes/9pm) – Stretching out your ligaments can decompress your body and improve sleep quality.
  6. Read (optional) – Many people find reading very relaxing. If you are a nighttime reader, make sure it’s fiction, so that it doesn’t encourage critical thinking.
  7. Listen to relaxation sleep music (20 minutes/9:10pm) – When you’re in bed and ready for sleep, listen to some [thrive_2step id=’1996′]relaxing music[/thrive_2step] that should put you in a trance, allowing you to doze off faster than normal (source).

Don’t have time to use all the tips above and just want a super quick solution that works?

Try This Free ASMR Sleep Music That Works In Under 20 Minutes

The easiest and fastest way to fall asleep is by relaxing the mind and body with sleep music.

Some people can fall asleep within minutes of listening to music designed especially for sleep if they listen to it as part of a sleep ritual.

I’ve spent countless hours trying to perfect the most powerful sleep music that will put you in an almost instant state of relaxation.

Guess what? I did it!

Oh, and it’s free 🙂

Yep, no money for it…

What is the best music to sleep to?

Anything that is considered to be soothing. Some people like to listen to ASMR, while others like to listen to the sounds of nature. It doesn’t even need to be music; it can be rain hitting a window.

Does sleep music work?

Absolutely. But it’s not a magical solution. If you want it to work for you regularly, you should follow some kind of nightly routine, where you prepare yourself for bed, and listening to sleep music will be the last thing you do before sleeping.

Is it good or bad to sleep with music on?

If you’re listening to upbeat songs, then you might find it difficult to nod off. Some folks are okay with falling asleep with the TV on and music blaring out, but a lot of people don’t like it.

Can listening to music help you sleep better?

Actually yes. Studies have shown that listening to music can help to improve overall sleep quality. It’s also been known to have a significant impact on reducing stress, which is fantastic.