The 5 Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses That Prepare You For Sleep

As more people adopt technology-heavy lifestyles, optometrists around the world continue to see increased cases of eye fatigue and computer vision syndrome (CVS).

While pure sunlight emits a rainbow of light (which can be viewed through a crystal prism), digital devices tend to output only high-energy blue light.

Most modern bulbs, devices, and lighting sources emit blue light, though it’s commonly perceived as pure, white light. LED lights, fluorescent lights, PC monitors, and LED televisions all produce blue light.

Blue light from these everyday items is far less harmful than sunlight. But, most people stare at their smartphones, tablets, computers, monitors, or televisions throughout the day. No one (hopefully) stares at the sun.

It could also be seriously messing with your sleep cycle. Finding the best blue light glasses is the first step toward healing your eyes and getting the rest you need and deserve.

Consequently, blue light could be slowly damaging your vision, day-by-day.

What Are Light Sensitivity Glasses?

Illustration of a pair of light sensitivity glasses.

Light sensitivity glasses can be either prescription or non-prescription, depending on the shopper’s preferences. Their purpose and function remain the same: reduce eyestrain by restricting the types of light the eyes are exposed to.

Photophobia, or the fear of light, can affect individuals in a variety of ways. But, the most common symptoms are discomfort, headache, or migraine.

There are more than a dozen common eye conditions that can cause photosensitivity. And the likelihood of developing a form of photophobia increases as we age.

Light sensitivity glasses significantly reduce glares, bright lights, and harsh wavelengths to help damaged or weak eyes work better. They can also help mitigate reoccurring migraines, headaches, or mood issues caused by excessive light.

Blue light glasses are a specific form of light sensitivity glasses. Yet, unlike the majority of photosensitivity glasses, blue light blocking glasses are appropriate for anyone wanting to filter one type of light.

Did you know that blue light is all around us in the form of screens, televisions, LED lighting, and overhead fluorescent lighting?

Staying protected from excess “electronic light” is crucial. Maintaining a healthy vision and a regular sleep schedule depends on it.

How Do They Work?

Illustration of sun bouncing of a surface.

They have special filters that prevent or limit the amount of blue light that can pass through. There are a few ways that lenses do this.

Some blue-light-blocking glasses have a yellowish tint that helps “redden” all blue light that passes through them. Others have more hi-tech, transparent filters that are practically colorless. Although, some styles do have a purplish-blue sheen.

This strange glare is the blue light that is failing to penetrate the blocking lenses. Of course, blue light can help encourage alertness and focus. So, wearers may only choose to wear them in the afternoon or evening to boost productivity. 

Who Could Benefit From Wearing a Pair?

The answer is simple: Everyone! People all over the world are exposed to blue light. Therefore, everyone can benefit from wearing blue light glasses.

However, to be more specific, here are the types of people who could benefit from these glasses:

  • Anyone exposed to fluorescent or LED light
  • Anyone who regularly uses a smartphone
  • Anyone who uses a computer or tablet every day
  • Anyone who owns and watches an LED television

As you can probably guess, this list includes a significant amount of people, including young children. Everyone can enjoy improved overall eyesight, reduced headaches, and better sleep.

t’s important to note that using essential oils for rest may also help aid overworked minds in calming down and preparing for sleep.

The All-Around Best Pair

Each of the below lenses and frames are a fantastic option for anyone seeking better sleep and improved eye care. Still, preferences and needs will help buyers determine which to go for.

But there is one pair that seems to stand out from the others in terms of price, quality, and compatibility.

Also, FEIYOLD frames and lenses are an affordable and effective option for anyone seeking to avoid excess blue light exposure. And avoiding blue light is an excellent way to avoid eye strain and can improve sleep in a short amount of time.

The Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Here are some of the best blue light blocking glasses on the market today to help protect your eyes. There are frames here for every preference, that all work in the same way by limiting light exposure.

LivhoClear Lenses

Photo of Livho glasses.

Those looking for a variety of pattern options may want to consider Livho. They manufacture a wide range of blue light blocking glasses, and they typically sell their glasses in pairs. Unfortunately, they do only offer one size of frames, which may exclude some potential buyers.

Still, these classic, clear-lensed glasses are contemporary, simple, and affordable. Besides, you can get two pairs for the price of one, which is incredibly handy for those who constantly misplace their glasses.

Best feature: Stylish frames that look like reading glasses.

GammaYellow Lenses

Photo of Gamma glasses.

These glasses are an affordable, solid, and classic option. They may be too thick or “blocky” for some buyers, but they do feature adjustable arms. They’re also designed to fit any face shape. 

This pair has a slight yellow tint that helps aid in blue light blocking, but it’s a very subtle amber color. They’re available in five sizes, ensuring that shoppers of all sizes can find a pair that works for them. Overall, Gamma Ray makes one of the highest-quality entry-level pairs of blue light filter glasses.

Best feature: Ideal for tricking your brain into releasing melatonin which helps you sleep.

FEIYOLDFor Computer Usage

Photo of Feiyold glasses.

Red marks and indentations from a heavy pair of glasses is an unattractive side effect and one that most wearers try to avoid. If you have sensitive skin that tends to mold to the shape of your glasses, FEIYOLD may hold the solution. Their lightweight blue light blocking glasses are so gentle, you may even forget that you’re wearing them.

The arms are flexible and bendable, ensuring that wearers of all shapes and sizes can find a comfortable setting. Those seeking a sleek, modern look and a feather-light feel should take a closer look at these.

Best feature: Perfect for gamers, can also be used as reading glasses.

Gaoye TR90For Adults

Photo of Gaoye TR90 glasses.

Tortoiseshell glasses have long held a special place in the hearts of adults. Though these spectacles are no longer made from actual tortoiseshell, they’re amber-brown allure continues. Adults looking for a less-colorful, more refined option may want to rock the Gaoye specs.

In addition to being a more regal option for adult wearers, these glasses keep all the features of comparable models. They’re incredibly lightweight, super flexible, and made to stand the test of time.

Best feature: Distinguished frames.

Livho KidsFor Children

Photo of Livho glasses for children.

Because blue light can cause retinal damage in children, it’s important to keep their eyes protected and healthy. Still, kids are notoriously bad at taking care of eyeglasses. Fortunately, Livho makes an adjustable, flexible, and affordable pair of glasses made just for children.

These glasses come in two colors, either blue or pink. They have interchangeable temple tips that help the glasses fit any face shape. And, though they may only come in one standard size, they can children aged 3 to 15. 

These frames might not feature tons of patterns or colors, but they can stand up to rough handling and sticky fingers. Besides, they’re so affordable, you can stock up on several pairs that can last a decade or more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use prescription glasses that filter blue-light?

Yes, but you’ll need to consult an optometrist in your local opticians and the style of frames will be different compared to the more popular frames you see above.

Do blue-light-blocking glasses really work?

Yes, they work by blocking or absorbing UV light. So if you want to reduce eye strain, they can absolutely help with that. If you want them to induce a relaxed sleeping state before bed, they can do that too.

Can blue-light blocking lenses be clear?

Yes. Most lenses either have a yellow tint or are completely clear. We have recommended both types above. Clear lenses are considered better for heavy computer users or gamers and yellow-tinted lenses are ideal for helping to sleep.

Are blue-light-blocking glasses worth it?

If you struggle to fall asleep at night because you’re not tired or always use electronics before bed, then they could help to regulate your sleep cycles and sleep routine in general.

Get Better Sleep Today

Illustration of a person sleeping.

Since we spend about a third of our lives sleeping, it’s vital to ensure that the sleep we’re getting is high-quality. Tossing and turning throughout the night can result in waking-up feeling exhausted. Besides, proper rest is essential to both physical and mental health.

It seems that as technology continues to become more pervasive, and schedules become more hectic, fewer and fewer people are getting the rest they need.

Fortunately, limiting the amount of blue light your eyes absorb before bedtime can help. The best blue light blocking glasses are the first step toward achieving your sleep goals.