What is Night Nod?

We want to help you get the best nights sleep possible by seeing what is working right now based on science.

Night Nod is dedicated to helping people get a quality nights sleep.

These days it’s harder than ever to get a good nights rest. With social media, binge-watching TV shows, YouTube sessions, noisy neighbors and everything else a modern-day life brings, it’s no wonder your mind can’t switch off at night when you need it to.

Why I started Night Nod

Since my early adult years, I’ve found it increasingly difficult to not only fall asleep at night but also stay asleep. Oh yeah and you can forget about waking up refreshed, I can’t remember the last time that happened.

I’m so bored of being tired and never feeling fully rested, that my frustration has lead to a sleep obsession.

I want to fix my sleeping issues, and Night Nod is a reason for me to do just that. Everything I find, learn and apply in my own life, I’m going to document on here.

Tips, hacks, routines, products. Everything will be tested by myself, thoroughly researched and published on this site for you to use.

What you will learn

I hope that you learn how to sleep correctly, no more staring at the ceiling for hours, just waiting to feel tired.

No more tossing and turning, or waking up at 3 am for the toilet and not getting back to sleep.

No more waking up to that dreaded alarm and feeling like death.

Just the best nights sleep you can ever have, every night.